The birth of Hitoyoshi Ryokan

By Yoshito Horio, the second generation innkeeper
(Current chairman of Hitoyoshi Ryokan)

The city of Hitoyoshi, which flourished as the castle town of Sagara Daimyo since the Sengoku Period, bustled as a place of commerce since long ago and merchants came from afar and the streets were lined with many restaurants as places for business negotiations.

Records show that Sengoku Daimyo Tametsugu Sagara, who governed Higo in 1492, had taken baths in the region blessed with an excellent hot spring sourse, and numerous public baths had opened for business in the early Showa era.

It was from such influence that the founder of Hitoyoshi Ryokan, Yoshiki Horio, had operated a wholesale business selling dried fish from Hokkaido.

He struck hot springs in 1934 and opened Hitoyoshi Ryokan on the site, when an inn with hot spring baths was still a rarity.

The future

Hitoyoshi Ryokan is run by the third generation president Kenjiro Horio and inn manager Satomi Horio. The staff is working together, while capturing today’s trends, so that our inn becomes the guest’s inn of choice.

We will continue to be an inn where guests can truly relax, as we offer hospitality and courtesy by placing the needs of guests first, in a historic inn that retains its original architectural features.